Bat Roost Database

A unique citizens science initiative conceptualized by Indian bat conservation research unit (IBCRU), for documentation of bat roosting site across diverse landscapes in the region.

Bats are the vital component of major ecological processes. They are the second largest diverse mammalian group with true flight and complexly evolved characters. Out of >1200 species of bats worldwide, India has 119 species.

Because of the vast geographical expanse, lack of funding, low priority for conservation of lesser mammals, it is practically impossible for a single individual or organization to assess the current status of bat diversity and roosting sites, documentation of which is critically important in current developmental trends.

Our country has a large Community of nature lovers, trekkers who are ecologically sensitive and understand the importance of biodiversity, and are willing to Spend some time for creating a large database required for conservation action. In many states, there is a regular movement of nature enthusiasts, trekkers, students, nature camps etc to sanctuaries, mountain ranges, forts, caves, plateaus, temples, old buildings, heritage structures in different regions and landscapes, where people encounter or observe bats. This provides a unique opportunity to create a large regional database on bat roosting sites and basic ecology.

With the help of entire community of trekkers and nature enthusiast, we intend to create a large spatial database on the bat roosting sites. Such database will help us improve our scientific understanding of bats diversity, distribution, population sizes, seasonal roost shifting, breeding seasons, threats etc.

Hence we are creating a separate section on our website www.localhost/ibcru where people can voluntarily share their observation, information, photographs etc from past/present periods, related to bat ecology.

Please fill separate form for each roost site location. For any difficulties/additional information/ photographs email us on info[at]ibcru[dot]org or pkrahul85[at]gmail[dot]com

All Nature enthusiasts sharing their information and observations will get acknowledged in our reports and publications.

Please spend some of your precious time and …

Go Batting!

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