Indian bat conservation research unit (IBCRU) and Mhadei Research center, successfully conducted a three day  training  – capacity building workshop on “Bat ecology and conservation 2015”. 

The basic objective of this workshop was to  provide opportunity to learn  about  basics of bat biology & ecology, Bat diversity and conservation in India, Research- documentation methods &  scientific techniques, Echolocation and acoustics sound analysis etc.


Bat_conservation_workshop_2015 (1)

Dr. Claire Woordly, explaining the basics of bat ecology

Bat_conservation_workshop_2015 (2)

Scientific use of Mist netting being explained to participants by Dr. Claire Woordly.

Bat_conservation_workshop_2015 (3)

Use of different capture methods were demonstrated to all participants by Rahul Khanolkar

Bat_conservation_workshop_2015 (4)

Rohit Chakravarty of IBCRU showing the biometric methods and basic taxonomy.

Bat_conservation_workshop_2015 (5)

Dr. Claire Woordly, demonstrating use of ultrasonic bat detectors for recording bat echolocation calls.

Bat_conservation_workshop_2015 (6)

The Participants

20 participants representing 6 states and more than 13 different national level research –academic institutions and conservation organizations were part of this unique training and capacity building workshop conducted by the IBCRU Team (Rahul Prabhukhanolkar, Dr.Claire Woordly, Rohit Chakravarty) and Mhadai research center.

Mr. Rajendra Kerkar (Well known Environmentalist & Member –National wildlife advisory board) and Mr.Nirmal Kulkarni ( Ecologist , Member Goa state wildlife advisory board) were also present for the discussion on conservation of Indian bat fauna.

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