MNCC, Amboli

Malabar Nature Conservation Club (MNCC), Amboli was established in year 2006 and has been working on various issues, related to sustainable conservation of ecology and environment for last 8 years. It was started with a purpose to promote and implement sustainable practices, in area like Amboli where commercial unsustainable developed tourism and unsustainable livelihoods in various sectors are on rise. Members are involved in scientific documentation of local biodiversity and environment in the region.

MNCC has been documenting local biodiversity and has carried systematic studies on butterflies, herpetology, botany, large mammal movement, medicine. The members are also involved in study of history, cultural landscape studies and Bat studies.  MNCC has been conducting locale specific environmental education programmes for students been involved in capacity building of villagers of Chaukul and Gele towards responsible eco tourism in the villlages. It is already coordinating the Chaukul Rural and Agro Tourism programme and has

established the tourist information centre in 2013 and to give the information of eco-, rural and agricultural tourism options available in Amboli and surrounding area.  The MNCC “Gammat Katta”  is the platform to conduct audiovisual, interactive sessions at Amboli Chaukul and Gele villagers, in different hamlets. Subjects include Environment, Biodiversity, Sustainable practices, Development, History Culture, Agriculture, Local issues, etc.