Training / Capacity Building / Outreach

Building capacity, knowledge base, of the  IBCRU members, partner organizations, volunteers by conducting regular training session in research techniques and field activities through IBCRU  network is crucial component of this initiative. As the above trained human resource will continue documentation, research, monitoring, awareness activities in various habitats and different  parts of the country.

Outreach and awareness programmes at local and regional level will help sensitizing people and this ecocentric attitude generated in local communities, institutions  and students will ensure conservation of the Indian bat  and diverse habitats in the region which are under constant threats.

Every year there will be minimum 2 National level training – capacity building workshops combined with rapid Bat diversity assessment in different part of the country, building a alarge landscapes – habitat based database on Indian bats.

In the coming future in collaboration with various local organizations working in the field of research and conservation, Regional Resources Centers (RRC) will be established by training and capacity building.