• Training / Capacity Building / Outreach

    Building capacity, knowledge base, of the IBCRU members, partner organizations, volunteers by conducting regular training session in research techniques and field activities through IBCRU network is crucial component of this initiative.

  • Echolocation Call Database

    IBCRU, Harrison Institute UK, Ela Foundation Pune, Mhadei Research Center, are together undertaking extensive documentation of Bat Echolocation calls across diverse landscapes and habitats, building an Echolocation call database on Indian bats.

  • Northern Western Ghats

    The NWG project on bat ecology in the region aims at preparing a detailed Bat Diversity-Distribution database (species list, status) covering western ghat region across 4 states (Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Gujarat).

  • Bhimgad Project

    Bhimgad region in Belgaum district, Karnataka state has been recently notified as the Wildlife Sanctuary based on the wide range of floral and faunal diversity, its sustainability and importance of being a wildlife corridor