How Can You Help?

a. Become members / Partner Organization 

If you are interested in the conservation of Indian Bats, please become member of IBCRU and get involved in the research and conservation programmes implemented by IBCRU at various places, support IBCRU activities at your current location. Members will be notified about upcoming events/activities of IBCRU. If you run/part of any conservation-research organization, and interested in helping IBCRU conserving Indian Bats, please become a Partner organization. IBCRU Team will conduct a training – capacity building programme for volunteers – staff at your organization. We need your support to conserve Indian bat fauna.

Please contact us/ send letter of Interest to [email protected]

b. Volunteer / Intern  

Short/long term Volunteering – Internship opportunities are available to work on IBCRU  projects , ranging from education – awareness, diversity assessment, echolocation call database etc.  documenting/monitoring  bat roosts / diversity / threats at your current location, Please send us completed application form.

Volunteer / Intern Application

c. Donate  

IBCRU being a non-profit organization   please contribute and support us  implementing Awareness – Research- Conservation programmes at different parts of country.You  can contribute in kind / Donate scientific equipment  for ecological documentation financial assistance  conserving Indian Bats.

 d. Join as Research Associate  

If you are interested in Bat ecology and conservation, currently working on bat related projects,  have experience of working on bats, if you think there is a need of such an initiative  and would like to be part of IBCRU Team, please send us an Application, describing your experience, interests.