Ela Foundation, Pune

Official Website – www.elafoundation.org

Ela Foundation is a Pune based non-government registered charity devoted  to nature education and conservation. Some of  the major projects include  Educational Activities, Bird Ringing, Bird Status Surveys, Avian Disease Monitoring, Active Nature Conservation .

Certificate course in Ornithology,  Ornithology Ethnoornothology and Natural Sound Laboratory (OENSL), Vulture conservation, Raptor ecology,  Scientific environment impact assessment  are few of their pioneering long-term programmes.

Birds of Maharashtra, Birds of Lonavala & Khandala, Birds of Madhya Pradesh, Wild Orchids of Northern Western Ghats, Ethno-ornithology of Great Andamanese : Nomenclature, Classification and Culture, Latin Names of Indian Birds Explained , Birds of Western Ghats, Konakan  and Malabar (including Birds of Goa) etc are few of there popular publications.